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Polyster tape

Polyester tape (PET):
This is a frost-resistant packaging tape, which is characterized by greater elasticity and load capacity (up to 1200 kg per tear), comparable to a metal tape.

Inexpensive synthetic packaging materials are confidently replacing metal, wood and cardboard. PET polyester tape, also known as lavsan tape, is one of the most reliable and popular packaging materials, technologically designed to automate and optimize the packaging process.

Advantages of PET tape compared to metal and polypropylene tape:
• PET tape is not subject to climatic influences and moisture (corrosion);
• Elastic properties do not allow sagging during long-term transportation;
• It is safe to work with PET tape, because. does not have sharp edges and burrs, unlike metal;
• When cut and kinked, PET tape does not crack or delaminate like polypropylene;
• PET tape withstands temperatures down to -45C, and is also more UV resistant than polypropylene tape;
• Unlike metal, it is easier to recycle

The scope of PET tape is very wide. From reinforcing heavy stacks, packs of construction and lumber, to products for the food, pharmacological and electronic industries.

Packing tape differs in purpose and method of application:
• for automated lines and strapping machines;
• for packaging using automatic hand tools;
• for fastening using plastic and metal buckles and steel shackles.