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Polyethylene mesh

Plastic netting
relatively new material in the construction market.
It is used to organize a fence on an ongoing basis, as well as for zoning a site.
A garden fence of this type compares favorably with analogues made of metal materials, wood.
The use of plastic mesh for fences allows you to avoid their destruction under the influence of atmospheric factors.

Consider the main performance characteristics and features of the material:
Light weight - A running meter of mesh has a mass of up to 200 g, the entire roll is up to 8 kg.
A variety of cell shapes - It can be diamond-shaped, rounded, in the form of honeycombs, squares, rectangles.
Colors - The most popular are green, white, blue, red, gray nets, as well as more complex camouflage colors.
Service life - It reaches 40 years.
No complicated maintenance - Simply rinse the material with water from a hose to put it in order.
Heat resistance - - The plastic grid maintains operation at frosts to −50 degrees and heating to +80. And also the material does not fade, retains its original temperature in the sun.
Ease of installation - Thanks to the manufactured fittings, you can easily install it yourself.